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Mission Statement Debrief
This is a fanfiction journal.

It was created on 18th March 2007 to cater for fandoms that aren't generally subscribed to by those on my main account's friends list.
disclaimer: I don't own any of the real people I attempt to create partial likenesses of in my fiction. Nor do I claim any of these things happened to them. No profit is being made from this. And if you're offended by any of the fiction written in this journal I'll be happy to remove any offending articles from the public domain. (This goes for anyone, just tell me why you're unhappy with it and I'll remove it.)

Friending policy for this journal is: you add me, I add you back. Simple. It'd be nice if you dropped a comment somewhere so I know you aren't a robot but if you want to be a wallflower then that's cool with me.

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